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Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 238701 (2005)

Communication Boundaries in Networks

A. Trusina,1,2 M. Rosvall,1,2 and K. Sneppen2

1Department of Theoretical Physics, Ume? University, 901 87 Ume?, Sweden
2NORDITA, Blegdamsvej 17, Dk 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
(Received 23 September 2004; published 16 June 2005)

We investigate and quantify the interplay between topology and the ability to send specific signals in complex networks. We find that in a majority of investigated real-world networks the ability to communicate is favored by the network topology at small distances, but disfavored at larger distances. We further suggest how the ability to locate specific nodes can be improved if information associated with the overall traffic in the network is available.

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