Evolutionary dynamics of adult stem cells: Comparison of random segregation and immortal-strand cosegregation mechanisms Emmanuel Tannenbaum, James L. Sherley, and Eugene I. Shakhnovich [abstract]

Noise-induced transition from translational to rotational motion of swarms Udo Erdmann, Werner Ebeling, and Alexander S. Mikhailov [abstract]

Spectral analysis of protein-protein interactions in $ Drosophila~melanogaster_ Christel Kamp and Kim Christensen [abstract]


Diffusion-annihilation processes in complex networks Michele Catanzaro, Mari?n Bogu??, and Romualdo Pastor-Satorras

Influence of the link weight structure on the shortest path Piet Van Mieghem and Stijn van Langen

Generalized mean-field theory for Ising spins in small world networks E. Z. Meilikhov and R. M. Farzetdinova

Power law distribution of wealth in population based on a modified Equ$rndoti aa_luz-Zimmermann model Yan-Bo Xie, Bing-Hong Wang, Bo Hu, and Tao Zhou [abstract]

Network reachability of real-world contact sequences Petter Holme [abstract]

Multiscale complexity of correlated Gaussians Richard Metzler and Yaneer Bar-Yam [abstract]

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