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  • Masanori Sugiura and Kei Tokita
    "Mutation dynamics of HIV and the dependence of the asymptotic term on immune-response heterogeneity"

Journals, Refereed Conference Proceedings and Contributed Book Chapters [fileTokita.bib]

  • Katsuhiko Yoshida and Kei Tokita
    "Properties of ecosystems those are vulnerable during eco-fusion"
    Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 7939. (6 pages) DOI:10.1038/srep07939. (Jan29)
  • Kei Tokita
    "Analytical theory of species abundance distributions of a random community model"
    Population Ecology 57-1 (2015) pp.53-62. DOI:10.1007/s10144-014-0476-8. (Jan 21)
  • Takeshi Oura and Kei Tokita
    "GPGPU simulations of 2D lattice neutral models in ecology"
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series (CCP2012) 454 (2013) 012038 (7 pages) [Preprint fileOT2012.pdf, Full text (DOI:10.1088/1742-6596/454/1/012038)]
  • Haruyuki Irie and Kei Tokita
    "Species-area relationship for power-law species abundance distribution"
    International Journal of Biomathematics 5 (2012) 1260024 (9 pages). [Preprint (q-bio.PE/0609012), Full text (DOI:10.1142/S1793524512600145)]
  • Yoshimi Yoshino, Tobias Galla and Kei Tokita
    "Statistical mechanics and stability of a model eco-system"
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2007) P09003 (24 pages). [Preprint (q-bio.PE/0705.1523v2), Full text (IOP electric journals)]
  • Kei Tokita and Ayumu Yastuomi
    "Emergence of a complex and stable network in a model ecosystem with extinction and mutation" (概要)
    Theoretical Population Biology 63 (2003) 131-146. [Preprint (nlin.AO/0210074), Full text (Elsevier Science Direct)]
  • Tsuyoshi Chawanya and Kei Tokita
    "Large-Dimensional Replicator Equations with Antisymmetric Random Interactions" (概要)
    Journal of Physical Society of Japan 71-2 (2002) 429-431. [Full text (JPSJ Online)]
  • Kei Tokita, Macoto Kikuchi and Yukito Iba
    "Dynamical Equation Approach to Protein Design" (概要)
    Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 138 (2000) 378-383. [Full text (PTP Online)]
  • Kei Tokita and Ayumu Yastuomi
    "Extinction Dynamics in a Large Ecological System with Random Interspecies Interactions"
    Unifying Themes in Complex Systems
    ed. Yaneer Bar-Yam, Perseus Books, Cambridge (2000) 541-556.
  • Kei Tokita and Ayumu Yastuomi
    "Mass Extinction in a Dynamical System of Evolution with Variable Dimension" (概要)
    Physical Review E 60 (1999) 842-847. [Full text (APS Journals Online)]
  • Yukito Iba, Kei Tokita and Macoto Kikuchi
    "Design Equation : A Novel Approach to Heteropolymer Design"
    Journal of Physical Society of Japan 67 (1998) 3985-3990. [Full text (JPSJ Online)]
  • Kei Tokita
    "The Replica Symmetry Breaking Solution of the Hopfield Model at Zero Temperature : Critical Storage Capacity and Frozen Field Distribution"
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 27 (1994) 4413-4424. [Full text (IOP Electric Journals)]
  • Kei Tokita
    "The Replica Symmetry Breaking Solution and the ``SK limit'' of the Hopfield Model"
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 26 (1993) 6915-6925. [Full text (IOP Electric Journals)]
  • Kei Tokita
    "Remanent overlaps in the Hopfield model with zero temperature sequential dynamics"
    Progress of Theoretical Physics 90 (1993) 329-335. [Full text (PTP Online)]
  • Yoji Aizawa and Kei Tokita
    "Zipf Law in Non-linear Dynamics and Neural Nets"
    Proc. Int. Conf. Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks (IIZUKA '90), Kyushu Institute of Technology, Iizuka, Japan, July 20-24, (1990) pp.637-640.


  • Kei Tokita
    "Replica Symmetry Breaking and Multivalley Energy Landscape in the Hopfield Model"
    Doctorate thesis, University of Tokyo (1994) UTokyo Repository

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