- &color(black,#cceecc){生態モデリング国際会議(ICEM2006)}; [[Go:http://icem2006.civil.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/]]
 -- 2006/8/28Mon--9/1Fri
 -- 国際生態系モデリング学会(ISEM)日本支部,山口大学
 -- 山口大学常盤キャンパス(宇部)
 -- %%Abst.(2006/2/28), Early resist.(2006/5/31),%% Resist.(2006/7/31)
 -- [[Program:http://icem2006.civil.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/program.htm]]
 -- COLOR(red){Keynote 1}: organized by Tae-Soo Chon (National Pusan U. Korea)
 and KT.
 and ''KT''.
 --- Sovan Lek (University Paul Sabatier, France)/Models predicting temporal and spatial variations of freshwater fish community for sustainability management
 -- COLOR(red){Theoretical ecology symposium}: organized by Yoh Iwasa (Kyushu U. Japan) and Tae-Soo Chon (National Pusan U. Korea)
 --- Hiroyuki Matsuda/aximal yields from multispecies fisheries systems: rules for systems with multiple trophic levels	 
 --- Young-Seuk Park/Characterizing energy status of different water body types
 --- Tae-Soo Chon/Biologically-inspired machine learning implemented to ecological data analysis and patterning	
 --- Kei Tokita/Dynamic Theory of Species Abundance Distributions
 --- ''Kei Tokita''/Dynamic Theory of Species Abundance Distributions
 --COLOR(red){Community Modeling}: organized by Young-Seuk Park (Kyunghe U., Korea) and KT.
 --COLOR(red){Community Modeling}: organized by Young-Seuk Park (Kyunghe U., Korea) and ''KT''.
 --- S. Iwata/The multiple species coexistence with the limited availability of resources and periodic population dynamics
 --- H. Seno/A mathematical model for invasion range of population dispersion through a patchy environment
 --- S. P. Worner/Bootstrapping a self organising map model to estimate the uncertainty in assemblages of alien invasive species
 --- T. Minagawa/Numerical modelling of growth-detachment dynamics of physiognomic taxa in attached algal community in experimental streams regulated flow regimes
 --- V. Bandelj/Influence of space, time and biogeochemical properties on plankton community structure in a coastal area
 --- I. Aoki/Entropy law in ecological communities

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